Сomposite Materials Laboratory

 Fields of activities:

- scientific research aimed at developing and commissioning new polymer materials for cable and other industries;
- conducting qualification tests of new polymer compounds together with providing opinion letters and recommendations on practical application;
- information and consulting services in the sphere of polymer materials research.
Our partners: “AMERiKo” (UFA), “Polymer-Compound Scientific Production Company” (Tomsk), “Cable Technologies Research Centre”, All-Russian Research Institute of Cable Industry, the Ruscable.ru data portal and the Kabel-NEWs journal (Moscow), “Rosneft-UfaNIPIneft”, Academician S.V. Lebedev All-Russian Research Institute of Synthetic Rubber (St. Petersburg), the Ufimkabel, Rosskat, Sibkabel, Kamsky Kabel enterprises and some others.
Innovations and developments:
1. New electroinsulating polymer materials based on polypropylene (joint innovation project of BashSU, Cable Technologies Research Centre (Moscow) and Polymer-Compound Scientific Production Company (Tomsk).
Oddity thermoelastolayer of the TEP PP-305KM brand serving as a basis for designing a number of wires and cables of new brands (PPSTVM, PPSTVM-1 and KPSTVM) able to withstand a voltage of 660 ÷ 4000 V. Main advantages of oddity thermoelastolayer over conventional rubber insulation:
- enhanced temperature exploitation range and consequent increase of the unit lifetime from 15 to 20 years;
- improved weight and dimension parameters of the cable through reduction of specific weight of polymer insulation and of the area of copper core section;
- significant (up to 2-4 times) reduction of the technological process of cable production through substituting a two-stage process (rubber rolling and vulcanization) by one-stage extrusion.
By resolution of the Department of Locomotive Utilities of Russian Railways since 2004 new brands of wires and cables have been recommended for industrial use to repair movable railway units, city electric transport and subway instead of outdated brands with rubber insulation.    
The Sibkabel closed joint-stock company (Tomsk) is engaged in serial production of these units. By now about 70,000 km of wires and cables of different designs have been distributed to consumers.
Blockcopolymer cable layout of the 02015-302K-M brand (the volume of production in the Russian Federation amounts to 4,000 tons a year) is widely used in producing oil-submersible electric pump power cables. In 2001 the layout was awarded a diploma of the winner of the 100 Best Russian Products Program Contest.
BashSU priority is certified by the following patents for invention: No. 2156003 of September 10, 2000 and No. 2166217 of April 27, 2001.
2. Polymer compound for oil-submersible electric cable protective cover
(joint innovation project of BashSU and the AMERiKo closed joint-stock company (Ufa)).
Thermoplastic vinyl elastomer (TPVE) of the Tamerlen® brand is designed for production of protective cover for electric cables used in oil extraction. The material proved superior in terms of its durability in oil environment during comparative tests of a number of domestic and foreign polymer compounds conducted by Rosneft - UfaNIPIneft. AMERiKo has commissioned TPVE technology and produced 60 tons of TPVE which it then transferred to Rosskat (Samara) for it to produce oil cables.
About 500 km of oil-submersible electric cables have been shipped to TNK-BP and Rosneft departments to be used at West Siberian enterprises.
Advantages and prospects:
-           superior technological effectiveness (one-stage processing) during cable units production;
-           TPVE costs about 30-40% less than rival foreign materials;
-           it provides for oil extraction at depths of up to 3,000 m.
3. Electroinsulating polymer materials with enhanced flame resistance
(joint innovation project of BashSU, Ufimkabel and Polymer-Compound Scientific Production Company).
In 2006 self-extincting oddity thermoelastolayer of the TEP-ZS-27 brand underwent experimental-industrial (qualification) tests at Ufimkabel during production of equipment (interface) wires and cables of new brands, and was recommended for commissioning. A wide range of various modifications of multiple-twin equipment wires with TEP-ZS-27 isolation such as MKPsVng, MKPsEVng, MKPsEIVng, MKPsKVng, MKPsEKVng, MKPsEIKVng (designed to withstand nominal alternating voltage of up to 500 V with frequency of up to 400 Hz and direct voltage of up to 750 V, nominal core section – from 0.35 to 1.5 mm2, number of core pairs - from 1 to 14) is protected by Russian Federation Patent 49345 and commissioned into serial production at Ufimkabel.
In 2007-2008 about 500 km of the designated cable brands have been distributed to consumers (Bashkir petrochemical enterprises – Ufaneftekhim, UNPZ, Salavatnefteorgsintez) for a sum of over 35 mln. rubles.
TEP-PVKh-ng is a new domestic compound combining flame resistance and superior durability in aggressive environments (oil and oil products), and it is currently undergoing experimental-industrial tests in flame-proof wire and cable structures for OAO Russian Railways.
4. Polypropylene layout for coach cell jars
(joint innovation project of BashSU, Cable Technologies Research Centre and Polymer-Compound Scientific Production Company).
In 2006-2008 thermoplastic polypropylene compound of the PP-UPT brand was designed abnd commissioned. This compound is characterized by enhanced shock and lame resistance and is designed for production of cell jars and other technical units by pressure die casting.
The material has passed technological and performance tests and is recommended for industrial commissioning at OAO Kuzbasselement in production of alkaline storage cells of the KM-300P brand which are used as energy sources in passenger coaches by OAO Russian Railways.
BashSU priority is certified by patent for a useful design No. 71034 of February 20, 2008.