For postgraduates of the Chair of Organic Chemistry

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Forms of tuition:
  • full-time (3 years)
  • extramural (4 years).
  1. Entrance exams are held in the period from September 15 to October 15.
Applicants for postgraduate courses take the following entrance examinations:
  • special discipline of Organic Chemistry (according to the program that may be obtained at the Department of Organic Chemistry);
  • philosophy;
  • foreign language (English, German, French).
People having passed some or all of the examinations for the Candidate’s degree need not take the corresponding examinations.
Re-sitting entrance examinations is not allowed.
Results of graduation master examinations in foreign language are credited as postgraduate courses entrance examinations.
The results of postgraduate courses entrance examinations are valid within the period of a calendar year.
  1. Official admission to postgraduate courses is carried out in the period from October 15 to October 31.
  1. Postgraduate students admitted on a contractual basis are officially accepted on the same conditions provided that they have obtained positive results during entrance examinations and examinations for the Candidate’s degree.