Department of Theoretical Physics

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Headed by:
Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor
Minniakhat Shamsutdinov
The Department of Theoretical Physics was established in 1957. In 1957 it was headed by Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor M.A. Bazhenov, Kazakh State University alumnus. In 1960 the Department of Theoretical Physics was transformed into Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. It ws headed by Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor O.A. Barsukov, one of the first Moscow Engineering and Physical Institute alumni. He supervised the introduction of the major of Applied Nuclear Physics with emphasis on its geophysicsal aspects. In 1964 Candidate of Geology and Mineralogy I.L. Dvorkin started working at the Department as its Acting Head and supervised the Geophysics specialization area. In 1973 the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics was transformed back into Department of Theoretical Physics. In 1968 the Department was headed by M.M. Farztdinov, Perm State University alumnus, founder of theoretical physical school in the field of solid state physics and magnetism physics in Bashkortostan. He headed the Department for about 22 years. At present seven of his students are Doctors of Sciences. From 1990 to 1993 the Department was headed by A.N. Filippov, BashSU alumnus. Since 1993 the Department has been headed by Professor, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics M.A. Shamsutdinov, alumnus of BashSU Faculty of Physics. Since 1963 the Department has been supervising the Theoretical Physics major, and in 2005 the major of Computer Methods in Physics was introduced.
The main research area at the Department is fundamental theoretical research in the field of condensed state physics:
  • Domain structure and non-linear dynamics of magnetic nonuniformities in magnetically ordered systems, non-linear waves and resonances, spin-reorientation phase transitions in real magnets;
  • Non-linear dynamics of biopolymers, including DNA.
The Department is responsible for teaching theoretical physics courses (Theoretical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Quantum Theory, Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics, Condensed State Physics, Astrophysics) at the Faculty.
Students majoring in special subjects of the Department are taught special courses that enable them to enrich their knowledge of modern physics and master its methods. These courses include Group Theory in Physics, Quantum Statistics, Quantum Solid-State Theory, Quantum Theory of Magnetism, Problems of Modern Magnetoacoustics, Theory of Vibration sand Non-Linear Waves.