The Chair of Economic Geography

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Head of the Chair – Professor R.G. Safiullin, Doctor of Geography
The Chair trains specialists in Economic and Social Geography (the speciality code number 510805). The courses taught include Population Geography and Basic Gemography, Economics, Social and Political Geography, Economic and Social Geography of Russia, World Economic and Social Geography, Geourbanistics, Geographical Theory and Methodology, Geographical Research Methods, Political Geography and Geopolitics, Economic and Social Geography of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Statistics, Nature Management Economics, Economic and Geographical Demarcation, Technical and Economic Basics of Industry, Economic and Social Geography of Bashkortostan, Nature Management Regional Problems. The Chair also offers special courses in Industrial Geography, Social and Economic Statistics, Geodemography, Management, World Economic Geography, Geography and Labour Market Economy, Foreign Economic Relations Geography, Marketing, Economic and Social Mapping, Enterprise Management Analysis, Accounting, Infrastructural Geography, Social Geography Problems, Region Efficiency Theory, Economic History, Economy and Urban Ecology.
The Chair works in active collaboration with Economic Geography Chairs of Lomonosov Moscow State University, the State Universities of St Petersburg, Perm, Kazan, Western Kazakhstan, Moscow and Bashkir Teachers Training Universities, and the Geographical Institute of Halle University (Germany).
The Chair also gives undergraduate courses. Masters of Geography are instructed to be placed in a job in state and municipal administrations, higher educational institutions, as researches in regional social, economic and environment projects on problems of development and management.
Postgraduate courses supervised by Professor R.G. Safiullin are available in speciality 25.00.24 – Economic, Social, Political and Recreation Geography. Associate Professors I.V. Zakirov, Y.F. Faronova, I.E. Mukhametnurov; Senior Lecturers A.E. Kondrova, E.R. Malikova, G.A. Sattarova, Z.A. Khamadeeva, Candidates of Geography T.P. Grishina, I.A. Glukhih, A.R. Akhunov have defended their theses with Professor R.G. Safiullin as scientific adviser.
Historical Reference
The Chair of Economic Geography was established in 1932. Candidate of Geography A.K. Noskov (1872-1956) was its first head.
A highly qualified staff of specialists in science and education had been formed by the 1960-s. Many were graduates of Moscow State University and postgraduates of the Geographical Institute of the Academy of Sciences: M.D. Maslov (1922-1972), Associate Professor, Head or the Chair of Economic Geography (1972-1981, 1984-1985), Dean of the Geographical Faculty (1982-1983), G.N. Zaplatina, Associate Professor of the Chair of Economic Geography.
Associate Professor Z.Z. Valeev (1910-1983) had been Dean of the Faculty of Economics and later Dean of the Geographical Faculty for as long as 21 years and made a considerable and invaluable contribution to the benefit of the Faculty.
In 1951-1971 the Chair was headed by M.D. Maslov. He was known as an outstanding lecturer for extensive knowledge and erudition, whose classes were hugely popular among the students and everyone interested in geography. It was M.D. Maslov who established cooperation with Moscow State University chairs of Economics and Social Geography due to his fruitful contacts with world renowned professors in Economic Geography N.N. Baransky and Y.G. Saushkin. At that period scientific research in Bashkir industrial branches and centres was in full swing at the Chair. The Moscow State University chair of Economic Geography offered substantial assistance in developing research methods. In 1963 the Chair’s Head Y.G. Saushkin visited the Republic as the Povolzhsky expedition chief with the aim of inspecting Bashkir industrial objects.
In 1970-1985 new candidates of geography came to work at the Chair on taking their postgraduate courses in Russia’s central universities. In 1974 Associate Professor M.K. Valeev, Dean of the Geographical Faculty (1976-1981) came back to work here after his postgraduate study in Moscow State University. In 1977 Associate Professor G.A. Gafarov, Head of the Chair of Economic Geography (1922-1995) joined the Chair’s staff as well as Associate Professor R.G. Safiullin, Head of the Chair in 1989-1992 and from 1995 till the present time. In 1992 T.P. Telnova came back to the Chair as an associate professor having finished Leningrad State University postgraduate studies.
In September 1988 the Faculty got its new name – the Faculty of Geography and Economics owing to economic specialities introduction which functioned till 1992. The Head of the Chair, Doctor of Economics, Prof. K.N. Gizatullin had greatly promoted the economic speciality introduction. Associate Professor R.M. Safiullina, Candidate of Geography became Deputy Dean for academic work. As soon as the economic specialities lead to setting up a separate faculty, Associate Professors T.K. Kuzbekov, V.A. Lobanova, and A.R. Taimasov changed over to the new faculty.
In the 1990-s at Prof. R.G. Safiullin’s initiative ecological and geographical research of Bashkortostan nature management peculiarities as well as industrial development efficiency was carried out. A number of scientific studies in population geography, Bashkortostan, Russian Federation and world settlement processes were fulfilled by G.A. Gafarova, R.M. Safiullina, and T.P. Telnova. Since these years contractual investigations became common practice at the Chair, among which there were Bashkir nuclear power station construction expertise, Shkapovsky, Tuimazy and Orlansky oil well exploitation social and economic research, Bashkortostan’s social and economic development program scheme up to 2010, Republican business maps (2006-2008), the results of the above investigations were reflected in a series of publications by M.F. Khismatov (1979, 1987), R.G. Safiullin (1987, 1989, 1990, 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2006), and R.M. Safiullina (1997).
Scientific research activities of the Chair
The Chair’s scientific research history commenced more than half a century ago. It started with M.D. Maslov, the first economist and geographer who carried out scientific investigations at the Chair. His first studies on local geography were published in 1957 for the Bahkir Republic Traveller’s Guide. Later on he studied economic and geographical demarcation, productive facilities application, and settlement process peculiarities of Bashkortostan. M.F. Khismatov’s research was dedicated to natural resources economic estimation and Bashkir industrial complex territorial peculiarities. In 1968 the first economic and geographical survey of the Republic was published and reprinted in 1979. A.A. Tsvetaev, M.D. Maslov, and M.F. Khismatov wrote a Bahkir school geographical manual that was published in 1975 and reprinted many times later. In the 1950-s Z.Z. Valeev’s first publications dealt with the study of Republican urban population. In the 1960-s G.N. Zaplatina, R.N. Nabiullina, and T.K. Kuzbekov made their research on urban population settlement, Bashkir fuel industry analysis and so on. In the 1970-s S.V. Shikhman, M.K. Valeev, V.A. Maksimov, G.A. Gafarov, and R.S. Khismatullin studied statistics, territorial organization of suburbian agriculture, regional planning, agricultural geography, Bashkir rural development, collaboration between the USSR and India, economic and geographical analysis of Indian urbanization processes.
In the 1980-s R.G. Safiullin, R.M. Safiullina, T.P. Telnova, and A.N. Arslanova joined the Chair’s staff after finishing postgraduate courses in Moscow and Leningrad State Universities and Moscow Teachers Training Institute. They carried out research in extreme natural phenomena influence on the Republican economy, territorial social and economic efficiency, demographical and social geography, life quality measurement, regional agricultural complex establishment peculiarities. In 1995 R.G, Safiullin became the first Doctor of Science at the Chair. The Chair’s own postgraduate courses also made a valuable contribution to the scientific level of the University. I.V. Zakirov, Y.V. Faronova, I.E. Mukhametnurov, G.A. Sattarova, Z.A. Mukhamadeeva, A.E. Kondrova, and E.R. Malikova made investigations in foreign economic relations geography, urban-type settlements, migration flows, territorial and recreation organization, nuclear power engineering analysis etc.