The Chair of Geology and Geomorphology

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Ishak M. Farkhutinov

Candidate of Geologo-Mineralogical Sciences

Head of Department of Geology and Geomorphology




Brief History

The department of Geology and Geomorphology of the Bashkir State Universitywas founded at the initiative of the Doctorof Geologo-Mineralogical Sciences Professor D. G. Ozhiganovain 1972. From 1972 to 1988 department was headed by professor A.R.Kinzikeev, from 1988 to 2011– byprofessor I.A.Khairetdinov, from 2011 to 2016 – by professor, RAS corresponding member V.N.Puchkov. More than 1500 specialists have graduated the department.


Admission to the department

The department teaches bachelors and masters in the specialty "Geology", Ph.D. in the speciality "General and regional geology". Annually 25 budget students and 5 students on a commercial basis enterthe department. The last 5 years the number of those wishing to get a geological education in the Bashkir State University has been growing steadily, in 2015 a competition was 8.72 persons per place. For admission, students take the exam in the profile mathematics, Russian language and geography. Among the applicants are more and more participants and winners of Olympiads on geography and geology. Currently, 11 teachers work at the department, including 1 corr. member of Russian Academy of Sciences, 2professors and 5 Ph.Ds.



The main areas of employment of graduates of the department are petroleum geology (ANK "Bashneft", LLC "BashNIPIneft", LLC "RN-UfaNIPIneft", JSC "Surgutneftegaz", OJSC "Bashneftegeofizika", JSC "Kogalymneftegeofizika" and others.), Engineering Geology (JSC "Arhstroyizyskaniya", JSC "ZapUralTISIZ" and others.), geological mapping (JSC "Bashkirgeologiya"), ore geology (Uchalinsky and Sibajskijmining companies), the ministerial work (Mining Management of the Republic of Bashkortostan), scientific work (Institute of geology, Ufa science).

Director of scientific and production organizations, heads of geological departments, candidates and doctors of Sciences – doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences, the Director Scientifically-research Institute of secure of life activity of the Republic of Bashkortostan Larisa N. Belan, Deputy General Director of JSC "Bashneftegeofizika, chief geologist NailZ.Munasypov, Deputy General Director of LLC "Arkhstroydesign" Paul E. Chelpanov, and many others.


Educational process

An important part of the educational process of geologists is summer geological practice. The great advantage of the geological education in the Bashkir State University is the opportunity to study geology at the expeditionary trips to the Southern Urals. Thanks to a wide variety of minerals and rocks, deposits, tectonics, good availability of many geological features the territory of the Southern Urals is a unique educational and scientific ground for development ofgeological knowledge.


Students at the geological practice in the Southern Urals



The teacher forgeological mapping in the Southern Urals is Associate Professor NikolayN. Larionov – discoverer of the Suranskfluorite deposit, a specialist with extensive experience.

 N.N.Larionovchecks a report on field practice





In 2016students of theUniversityof Cergy-Pontoise(France) attended geological practice in the Urals with students of Bashkir State University.Students of the department also go to geological practices in Crimea, the Altai. In 2016 students passed the practice in the Pyrenees (Spain) at the invitation of the University of Cergy-Pontoise (France).

Students and teachers of the Department of Geology at the geological practice in the Pyrenees (Spain)




Part of the training is conducted in computer classes – students study programs which are used at production companies – CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, AutoCad, ArcGIS, 3D modeling.

Classes of Geoinformation systems in the computer lab





Students learn to work with electronic and polarization microscopy, describethin sections of sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks in the microscopy laboratory. Classes are held here by associate professor M.Yu. Arzhavitina – one of the best specialists in this field in the Republic of Bashkortostan.


Classes in microscopy laboratory




An important role in the educational process belongs tothe geological museum, where the lectures and practical classes on geology, mineralogy and other disciplines are held, as well as lessons for school children ( tour uchebno-nauchnyi-geologicheskii-muzei). Students have the opportunity to study a collection of minerals and rocks, which has more than 2000 samples from all over the world.


Classes at the Geological Museum BashSU



Students of department are actively engaged in research activities under the guidance of teachers and repeatedly become winners of the All-Russian Conferences. Over 2015 students of the department published 39 scientific articles.


Rail Akhmetshin, student of the 2nd course, makes a report at a conference




Students and teachers at a conference. From right to left: professor S.K.Mustafin, associate professor N.N.Larionov, associate professor V.I. Baryshnikov

The importance of the preparation of geological specialists today is caused by deficiency of the mineral resources in the world, which makes the profession of geologist strategically important. The department of geology and geomorphology of the Bashkir State University has extensive experience in training specialists of this profile. The Department’s staff actively upgrade geological education in accordance with the requirements of the time, contributes significantly to the completion of the labor market by professional geologists. The department’s teachers always glad tomeet new students who are interested in geology.