Department of Zoology

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Faculty of Biology, BashSU, 32 Zaki Validi Street, Ufa 450074
Tel. (347) 273-66-34
Headed by Kniss Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Doctor of Biology, Professor
The specifics of the research at the Department of Zoology results from its traditional role of a coordinator of animal research in the South Ural region in which animals historically inhabit several landscape and geographical zones (which predetermines a wide range of morphological changes on intraspecific level, particularly in species for which the Ural Mountains mark the eastern, western or northern border of their natural habitat). For the first time comprehensive surveys of inhabitants of bottom-dwelling biocoenoses of various water bodies are done, a more or less complete picture of the invertebrate fauna of Bashkir mountainous caves have been created. Herpetofauna research is being continued: fauna, specifics of distribution and biogeography of reptiles in South Ural; ecology, ethology and helminth fauna of reptiles. Research of degree of three-dimensional transformation of water animals populations under constant or temporary influence of anthropogenic factors have become a separate branch of ecological and fauna research. Professor M.G. Bayanov has put forward his concept of “natural habitat independence” of helminths that are components of water ecosystems and bottom dwellers, which is supported by field research. Besides, the Departmental staff carry out licensed applied research that consists in evaluating environmental effects of objects under construction (EEE; Section: Animal World) and calculating limits of water objects catch for fishing organizations.
The complete list of scientific publications of the Department of Zoology for the whole period of its activity is given in the monograph “Zoological Research in Bashkiria” (1997) by Prof. M.G. Bayanov.