Department of Foreign Languages and Post-University Education

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Headed by:
Doctor of Philology, Professor
Liliya Zainullina
The Department of Foreign Languages of the Faculty of Economics and Post-University Education was established in 2007 on the basis of the Natural Faculties Department of Foreign Languages and the Humanist Faculties Department of Foreign Languages with a view to training specialists in theoretical and practical aspects of professional communication. The teachers of the Department hold classes and seminars in foreign languages (English, German and French) at the Faculties of Economics, Geography and Psychology.
There are 16 teachers at the Department, including 1 Professor, Doctor of Philology; 4 Candidates of Philology; 7 senior lecturers, a trainee researcher.
The teachers of the Department are responsible for professionally oriented training of students of economic majors (Finances and Credit; Labour Economics; Organisation Management; Economic Theory; National Economy; Mathematical Methods in Economics, Business Law), advise students on their yearly and diploma projects, as well as do research with postgraduates and degree-seekers.
Students majoring in Economic Theory with Advanced Study of English are taught special disciplines in English: Economy of the USA and British Commonwealth Countries, Busienss Correspondence, Contracts, Terms of Payment and Contracts, Corporate Financial Activities, Business Communication Style: Holding Negotiations and Delivering Presentations, Organisation of Advertising Activities, Institutional economy. Since 2008 new special courses have been taught, including Introduction to Economic Theory, Marketing, Strategic Management, Business Law. Every year 20 students defend their diploma projects in foreign languages.
Since 2009 an optional course in German Economic Terminology has been taught to 3rd and 4th year students of the Faculty of Economics with the academic and methodological support of Goethe Institute (Moscow).
Since 2010 an optional course in Professional English (for students majoring in Finances and Credit) has been taught with the support of the Macmillan Publishing House representative office.
Since 2008 students of the Faculty of Geography have been taught a special course in Ecotourism in English. The Department helps undergraduates majoring in Geography improve their language skills (in English and German).
The Department prepares postgraduates and degree-seekers specialising in humanist and economic fields for taking examinations in English for the Candidate’s degree. In association with the Macmillan Publishing House representative office an English Resource Centre is being created.
The teachers of the Department improve their professional skills annually at Macmillan Publishing House seminars (English), take part in the work of German-Russian educational and methodological school organized by Wuppertal University (German); since 2008 they have been taking courses in innovation English language teaching methods under the inter-university cooperation agreement with N.G. Chernyshevsky Saratov State University. All teachers of the Department take part in international, all-Russian and regional theoretical and practical conferences.