Neftekamsk Branches

Academic Building 1: 1 Traktovaya Street, Neftekamsk, Republic of Bashkortostan
Tel.: (34783) 2-17-10, 2-35-80
Academic Building 2: 65 Sotsialisticheskaya Street, Neftekamsk, Republic of Bashkortostan
Tel.: (34783) 5-22-05
Academic Building 3: 19 Komsomolskaya Street, Neftekamsk, Republic of Bashkortostan
Tel.: (34783) 4-36-58
Official web-site:
Headed by Oktyabr Kaliyevich Valitov, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
BashSU Neftekamsk Branch was established in 2000. The necessity of opening a branch in Neftekamsk appeared due to urgent need in professionals with higher education for working in the national economy sector of the North-West region of the Republic.
There are two faculties within the branch: the Faculty of Economics and Mathematics and the Faculty of Humanities.
The Faculty of Economics and Mathematics incorporates the Department of Mathematical Simulation, the Department of Financial Management, and the Department of Economic Theory and Analysis.
The Faculty of Humanities incorporates the Department of Russian Philology, the Department of Bashkir Philology, the Department of Civil Law, the Department of State Law, the Department of History, History of State and Law, and the Department of Foreign Languages.
The branch trains students in the following specialties: 080105.65 – Finance and Credit, 010501.65 – Applied Mathematics and Information Science, 210100.62 – Telecommunications, 030401.65 – History, 031001.65 – Philology, 030501.65 – Law.
The branch employs 133 teachers (including by-workers), among who over 60% have academic degrees. There are 1581 full-time students and 1494 extramural students at the branch.
The branch has created every condition for receiving quality education: there are good-quality material and technical facilities including 4 buildings (three of which are academic); a training and sports complex with a sports hall, a gym and a sports ground, a publishing department, as well as a medical station, a canteen and buffets.
One of the most treasured possessions of the branch is a library with four reading halls holding over 110,000 books, part of which are electronic. Academic literature accounts for 70% of the holdings. Annual contributions to the library holdings amount to 7,000-8,000 books, the newest publications of the leading publishing houses of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Bashkortostan account for 95% of new contributions. Library users are given access to information resources: the BashSU Neftekamsk Branch electronic catalogue, the “Consultant Plus” legal information system; the Internet, a stock of electronic publications, an electronic library.
Over the past few years the material and technical facilities of information technologies have been developing intensively. 10 classrooms have been fitted out with multimedia equipment, including an interactive board. Methodological rooms have plasma TVs and other modern equipment. At present there are over 300 computers in the branch, more than 140 of them are in 10 computer classrooms where students spend their free time doing research. There is an average of 1 computer per 7 full-time students. All branch computers are part of a network, provide access to the Internet and to network resources of the branch. There are Wi-Fi access points installed in the main building of the branch which provide wireless access to the Internet.