National park Shulgan-Tash (Kapova Cave) and Skazka Cave

Shulgan-Tash Cave (or Kapova Cave) is a well-known place in Bashkortostan. This is a purpose of journeys as nature-lovers from all Russian regions as scientific expeditions from other countries. Also this land is known by natural honey and fantastic beauty of Ural.
National park is situated along Belaya river. There are rocks with caves on one side of the river and calm and forest another side.
Every week-end hundreds of tourists come to this place for observing rock paintings of Paleolithic people. Only on very rarely places in Europe you can find something like it.
Those rock paintings were discovered in 1959. After that an active research of the cave has been started and still continued.
Shulgan-Tash (or Kapova cave) – is one of the largest cave of Ural. The total length of it is 2640 meters. A first chamber for visiting is a huge grotto of 21 meter height, called Portal. There is a small by size but very deep Blue lake beneath its arch. Blue lake was created by waters of Shulgan river. That river created the whole Shulgan-Tash cave millions years ago.
First 300 meters of the cave are opened for tourists. Here are three giant chambers with ladders for comfortableness. The copies of original rock paintings were made on the walls of those chambers for tourists.
An excursion to the cave lasts about one hour and accompanies by a guide.
Also we will see a museum of bees and honey and know more information about natural life of wild bees, we will listen to tales about researching the cave and also some legends about Bashkiria people who lived on this area.
On the second day of the tour we will go to explore one more small and beautiful cave called Skazka (A Tale). There is a way of 5-6 km from the Shulgan-Tash cave and back by pleasant side of Belaya river.