History Institute of Law

The history of the Institute of Law has its start back in 1949: on the 9th of October that year the USSR Soviet of Ministers issued an order to establish as of the 1st of January 1950 the Ufa branch of the All-Union Law extra-mural institute. The branch was hosted within a few rooms of the Supreme Court of the Bashkir Soviet Socialist Republic.

In 1964, the branch was reorganized so as to become the Ufa faculty of the Sverdlovsk law institute. In 1972, the faculty had a teaching staff of 37 teachers, 24 of them held scholarly degrees. That year the faculty became part of the Bashkir State University. This fact was a prominent stage in broadening the law education in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

In 1999, the law faculty was reorganized so as to become the Institute of Law of the Bashkir State University. At present, it is a large scientific, educational and intellectual centre of the Republic of Bashkortostan that trains highly qualified law specialists at its day-time and extra-mural departments.  Its eleven chairs have more than 200 teachers who train above 3,000 students. The faculty scholars have published scores of monographs, manuals and hundreds of scholarly papers. Annually our teachers and students take part in conferences and symposiums held both in Russia and abroad, they participate in law making activity at the federal and republican levels, work as experts over the new normative acts.

The history of the institute and the legal education goes together with the names of those people who played a major role at its establishment. These are professors L.L. Kanevsky, F.M. Rayanov, M.S. Ordansky, V.A. Banin, F.G. Gilyazev, V.D. Pakutin, F.Z. Kulbarisov, M.F. Malikov, L.S. Samsonova, L.Ya. Pavlenko and many others.

The Bashkir State University has always been known for its talented graduates in various fields. Every new generation of students and teachers leaves its remarkable sign in the history of the university, that will no doubt have a dazzling future.