The history of the Bashkir Academy of Comprehensive Business Safety and Security

The Bashkir Academy of Comprehensive Business Safety and Security at BashGU has been created by the order of the rector № 625 from June, 18th 1998г. The Overall objective of creation of structure was the realization of the Federal target program of retraining and maintenance of employment of the military men who are subject to a transfer to the reserve, the citizens discharged from military service and members of their families, the Russian Federation confirmed by the Governmental order № 153 from February, 03rd 1998.

Opening of new structural division of the Bashkir state university was supported by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the State customs committee of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of affairs of civil defense and Republic Bashkortostan emergency situations, the Republic Bashkortostan Ministry of Justice, the State Committee on a science, the higher and average vocational training of Republic Bashkortostan.
On the basis of the decision of the Academic council from January, 27th 1999. (The report № 5) additions to Ustavu Bashgosuniversiteta have been made, Position about BACSB which is being operated now has been confirmed at BashGU.

In 2000 according to the Order of the cabinet of Republic Bashkortostan from May, 26th № 495-r about BACBSS  is defined as the republican head educational center on preparation and retraining of the military men who are subject to a transfer to the reserve, the citizens discharged from military service and members of their families.

Since 1999 the Academy has been preparing on specialities of the higher vocational training - «the International relations», "Public relations", "Advertising", «the State and municipal management», "Marketing", "Regionovedenie", «Standardization and certification», "Quality management", «Economy and management at the enterprise», «the Organization and technology of protection of the information», "Jurisprudence".

It is necessary to notice that besides the basic educational programs programs of additional vocational training on preparation of court enforcement officers, appraisers of the real estate, providing preparation of listeners on claimed directions were actively realized at the beginning of 2000.


In 2003. At the Academy the college in which training was conducted on specialities of average vocational training - "Management", «Economy, accounting and control was organized, "Finance", «the Right and the organisation of social security» that carried out continuity in an education system college-high school. Now the college is the isolated structural division of university.

In BACBSS at BashGU more than 250 military men who are in a stock, and also members of their families, including 120 officers of Armed forces of the Russian Federation, 42 officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 20 officers of the Bashkir customs office, before the Russian Federations serving in Armed forces, more than 100 members of families of military men were trained.
Because of the cancellation of the Federal target program target places for the military men transferred to the reserve. So  the Academy began preparing experts mainly on a contractual basis. More than 3300 experts have been graduated from here. 

The structure of BACBSS is as following. There are 7 chairs – humanitarian disciplines; information security; marketing and advertising; the rights; quality managements; economy, management and the finance; 6 of which are graduating.

The Academy there was a qualitative faculty. The share of regular teachers makes 57,5 %; teachers with scientific degrees and ranks are made by 54,5 %.

 The level of progress is controlled by the educational department presented by experts in a day and correspondence branches. The schedule of studies is made by specialized dispatching service.
Classes are hold in a four-storeyed building of BashGU in Ufa, Gubkin's street, 10b, and also at university faculties,  on chairs of a physical education, health and safety, in laboratories of physicotechnical institute and engineering faculty. In the Academy there is a library  (the Subscription №7), a computer class on 15 seats, multimedia audience, athletic field, buffet. Material base of BACBSS allows to conduct educational process according to BACBSS modern requirements.