Faculty Structure

Dean’s Office

Acting Dean:

Gafur Gubayevich Salikhov,

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

Deputy Dean for Academic Work

Aminev Mazit Midhatovich,

Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor

Deputy Dean for Scientific Work

Sharipov Azamat Razhapovich,

Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor

Deputy Dean for Educational Work

Zinira Foatovna Abrarova,

Candidate of Philosophy

Albina Razifovna Gattarova methodologist for full-time form of tuition

Yuliya Islamovna Saifullina – Dean’s Office assistant

Adeliya Yurisovna Tukhbatova – methodologist for extramural form of tuition


2. Departments:


3. Academic Council of Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology


4. Faculty Trade Union Committee


5. Office of Philosophical Disciplines

Headed by Mariya Vasilyevna Silivanets.


1. Paper regulations

2. Questions for candidate examination

Note: The questions for the candidate examination in Philosophy are divided into three parts:

1. general questions in philosophy of science for al majors;

2. separate questions for sociohumanist and natural disciplines;

3. questions in the major area.