Department of Social Work

About Department | Сотрудники Студентам Аспирантам

Headed by:
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
Ural Salimovich Vildanov
Radical economic and political reforms implemented by the Russian government in 1990s predetermined the appearance of serious crisis processes. Economic links were rapidly disappearing and society was undergoing differentiation in terms of property. Dangerous prerequisites for serious social explosions and social tension growth were created. Under such conditions lives of dozens of millions of people (pensioners. disabled people, orphaned children, etc.) depend greatly on the system of social service and on the level of qualifications of social work specialists. The Russian society found itself in need of highly qualified specialists whose work would be aimed at giving aid and protection to people living under difficult conditions. The purpose of social work was to help solve the urgent problems of a society undergoing transformation.
In 1991 a new major called Social Work appears in Russia. In Bashkir State University the Social Work major is opened in 1994. Since that time social work specialist have been trained in Bashkortostan. The appearance of a new major allowed to establish a Department of Social Work in February 1996. Its first head was Doctor of Sociology, Professor Anvar Akhatovich Akhmadeyev.
Today the subject matter of research done by the Departmental staff is related to studying major tendencies of social development and to the specific character of training students of the Social Work major. The Department deals with issues of the improvement of the Republican pattern of training social work specialists.
In Bashkir State University the Social Work major is one of the youngest and most promising ones. Specialists in this major are trained in accordance with syllabuses and programs complying with Russian and international standards. The tuition in the Social Work major may be full-time or extramural. Students have an opportunity to study social work issues profoundly in two specialization areas – Management in Social Work and Social and Legal Protection of Population.
The educational process in the major of Social Work is carried out by highly skilled teachers: Doctor of Philosophy, Professor U.S. Vildanov, Doctor of Philosophy B.G. Akchurin; Doctor of Sociology, Professor G.A. Kabakovich, Candidates of Science, Associate Professors – R.M. Sadykov, R.Kh. Khamadeyeva, Z.B. Rakhmatullina, G.M. Khasanova, R.I. Zagidullin, M.M. Aminev; senior lecturers – E.R. Kalimullina, N.L. Vasilyeva, A.M. Yumaguzhina. The main academic disciplines of the Department are: Theory of Social Work, History of Social Work, Social Work Techniques; Organisation, Management and Administration in Social Work; Social Work Abroad, Social Policy; Population Employment and Its Regulation; Documentation Studies; Social Work Research Techniques; Introduction to Social Medicine, Social Gerontology, Social Work in Extremis, Information Technologies in Social Work; Youth Social Work Issues; Family Studies; Training Social Work Staff, etc. Apart from studying special disciplines related to social work, great emphasis is laid on studying foreign languages and mastering modern information and computer technologies.