Department of Regional Economy

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Headed by:
Candidate of Economics, Professor, Honoured Culture Worker of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Samsinur Shakirova
The Department was established in 2001. It trains specialists with higher professional education in major 080507.65 Organisation Management.
The major suggests studying: processes of development of managerial decision variants and substantiation of the optimal one proceeding from the criteria of socioeconomic efficiency and environmental safety; mechanisms of analysis and research related to evaluation of socioeconomic environment and specific management forms; contemporary socioeconomic diagnosis techniques, obtaining generalised characteristics of marketing, commercial, advertising, patent and licensing activities in different units, joint ventures; specific features of information search, collection, systematization and use, office computing equipment usage; methods of forecasting the development of socioeconomic processes in control objects and evaluation of their state based on potentialities of economic, social and organizational growth.
 The Department is responsible for the following major disciplines: Introduction to Management, Marketing, Theory of Organisation, Organisational Behaviour, Regional Administration, Personnel Management, Quality Management, Business Law, Enterprise Economy, Economic Activity Analysis.
The special disciplines include: Managerial Decisions, Personnel Management, Control Systems Research, Anti-Crisis Management, Controlling, Innovation Management, Strategic Management.
The Department does research in the field of “Priority areas of Regional Socioeconomic Development”. All research carried out by the Department is aimed at studying problems of controlling the socioeconomic development of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The professional and teaching staff of the department takes part in collecting and analyzing necessary information characterising the priority areas of socioeconomic development of the regions of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The Department maintains close scientific relations with the Institute for Socioeconomic Research of the Ufa Scientific Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences and general education establishments.
At present the Department employs 17 people, including 9 people with academic degrees and titles, 8 senior lecturers and 1assistant lecturer. The staff aspire to unceasing enrichment of their knowledge. Thanks to the considerate attitude of the administration, there is an atmosphere of benevolence and mutual understanding at the Department, the teachers are incentivized to perform scientific work and improve their professional skills.
The teachers of the Department pay considerable attention to the development of student science. With this view student colloquiums, seminars and conferences are held, at which urgent problems of economic functioning are discussed. The main forms of student scientific work include: participation in university student contests for those majoring in Economics; participation in student scientific work competitions related to economic problems at every level; round-table discussion of anti-crisis management; round-table discussion of enterprise economy. Since 2004 there have been held annual student theoretical and practical conferences “Sustainable Development: Issues and Prospects”.