Department of Philosophy and Methodology of Science

About Department | Сотрудники Студентам Аспирантам

Headed by:
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
Aleksandr Fyodorovich Kudryashev
The Department of Philosophy and Methodology of Science was established on June 6, 2000. At present it employs Professors A.F. Kudryashev, L.B. Sultanova, A.V. Lukyanov, A.R. Yanguzin, Associate Professors R.M. Baigildin, R.R. Vakhitov, G.G. Salikhov, A.M. Bagautdinov et al.
The teachers of the Department administer classes at almost every BashSU faculty: the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, the Faculty of Bashkir Philology and Journalism, the Faculty of Mathematics, the Faculty of Physics, the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, the Faculty of Biology, the Faculty of History, the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Psychology, and the Institute of Law. A course of lectures in Philosophy is administered to students of the Faculties of Mathematics, Physics and Chemical Engineering, and a course of lectures in Contemporary Natural Science Conceptions is delivered to students of the humanist faculties. At the Faculty of Philsophy and Sociology lectures are delivered and workshops are held in the following disciplines: Ontology and Theory of Cognition, Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Philosophical Problems in Natural Science, Contemporary Western Ontology and Gnosiology, Theory and Practice of Argumentation, Knowledge Substantiation Problem. Besides, there are optional courses of lectures in: Objective Reality, Nature of Conscience, Virtualistics, Philosophy of Language, Synergy, World View, Matter, Hermeneutics, Problem of Truth. The Department graduates students of the major of Ontology and Theory of Cognition. The staff supervise students’ yearly projects and teach undergraduates.
The Departmental staff are actively engaged in research. In 2001 on the initiative and with immediate participation of the Department the conference “21st Century Foundations” was held, in the end of 2002 the conference “Objective Reality and Creation” took place, afterwards a number of other conferences have been organized. Conference proceedings are published in the form of collections of scholarly articles and theses. In 2001 a collective monograph called “Objective Reality” (edited by A.F. Kudryashev) was published, followed by the university textbook “Contemporary Natural Science Conceptions” and a manual in Theory and Practice of Argumentation (by M.S. Kunafin) in 2004. In 2008 the teaching manual “Philosophy and Methodology of Science” by L.B. Sultanova was published, as well as over 10 collections of conference proceedings and scientific papers.
The Department has organized special groups for working with gifted students. Besides, senior students (undergraduates) write papers on philosophical issues and deliver reports at final student conferences. For over 17 years methodological seminars dedicated to knowledge substantiation problem have been organized, which has served as a basis for the Ontology Section of the Head Council for Philosophy of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science (superviser of the seminars and co-chairman of the section – Professor A.F. Kudryashev). Teachers from universities of Ufa and other cities of the Republic of Bashkortostan, postgraduates and degree-seekers take active part in the seminars.
The Department runs postgraduate courses under the guidance of the Departmental professors; it is also in charge of seekers for Candidate’s and Doctor’s degrees.