Department of National Economy

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Headed by:
Doctor of Economy, Professor
Kasim Yusupov
The history of the Department starts in 1989 with the establishment of the Faculty of Economics. Over the years of its existence the Department has changed its name and transformed its specialization area many times.
Originally, the Department was called Department of National Economy Planning. In 1990 the name was changed to Department of Production Management, and in 1997 the Department began to be called Department of Economics and Management. Since 1998 the Department has been called Department of National Economy and has been training students majoring in National Economy.
Since 2001 the Department has been holding International Theoretical and Practical Conferences “Regional Reproduction Potential” every 3 years (2001, 2004, 2007, 2010).
The Department staff unceasingly search for most effective forms of work that will be in compliance with modern requirements and changing socioeconomic situation in the country and the world. With this view students are involved in participating in theoretical and practical conferences on urgent economic and social issues, in business and role-playing games (“Nixdorf-Delta”, “BUSINESS COURSE: Corporation Plus”, International UN Model), in participating in contests and competitions at different levels, as well as in the work of the Club of World Economics and Politics (MirEP) organized on the basis of the Department in 2007.
Major research areas
The teachers of the Department carry out their research in the field of “Problems of Development of National Economy Complex of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the Period of Transition to Market Conditions”. Several doctoral and candidate dissertations have been and are being prepared, the subject matter of which is related to the designated field.
The major research areas are:
development of methodology and techniques of researching regional reproduction potential;
systemic analysis of a region as a functional and structural subsystem of national economy.
Major areas of academic work
The most important disciplines that the Department is responsible for include National Economy, Regional Economy, Technological and Innovation Systems, General Theory of Statistics, National Bookkeeping System, World Economics, State Regulation of National Economy, National Economy Forecasting, etc. The enumerated disciplines provide fundamental knowledge and theoretical experience that every economist needs irrespective of their subsequent interests.
Starting with the 3rd year of studies special disciplines are taught (for instance, “Regional Product Reproduction”, “National Bookkeeping”, “Securities Market”, etc.). Being applied and concentrated on specific economic problems, these disciplines are designed to broaden the mind and give more profound knowledge of the specialisation area. On the one hand, they help graduates orient themselves professionally, and on the other hand, they provide the most talented students with access to the next step in their education, which is postgraduate school.