Department of Human Physiology and Zoology

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Faculty of Biology, BashSU, 32 Zaki Validi Street, Ufa 450076
Headed by Khismatullina Zukhra Rashidovna, Doctor of Biology, Associate Professor
The Department was founded by the Honoured Scientist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Professor, Doctor of Biology Aleksandr Semyonovich Dmitriyev. Through his efforts and through the work of his team the Department turned into a leading academic and scientific centre on the basis of which a number of general and special courses in morphological and physiological disciplines were taught. There was also large-scale research into problems of human and animal higher nervous activity. Rich experimental material is summarised in the classical university textbook “Higher Nervous Activity”. Within the designated problem area the Departmental staff have published three monographs and over 250 scientific articles in the central press, 57 reports have been delivered at the largest international and Union conferences and congresses.
At present the Department is the only academic and scientific centre in Russia to carry out complex research of one of amygdaline complex which is one of the key brain structures. An optimal scheme of research based on the presumptions of the theory of pattern recognition has been completely developed and tested. In the course of work morphological, electrophysiological and neurochemical methods are used, new molecular and genetic models of experimental animals have been created, methods of behavioral reaction analysis and homeostatic system status analysis have been mastered.
Since 1993 representatives of the scientific school have published ten monographs (including two monographs in English), twenty-two teaching manuals have been written, including five approved by the Moscow State University Academic and Methodologicl Association, more than 800 article shave been published in central, foreign and local press, two Russian Federation patents for invention have been obtained. Since founding the school ten dissertations have been defended, including two doctoral dissertations. The Departmental staff pay a lot of attention to organizing educational process on the basis of new information technologies. New sets of teaching materials have been compiled for all Departmental disciplines.
The main area of research at the Department is studying fundamental regularities and applied aspects of structural and functional organization of the brain in normal and pathological states. The priority aspects of applied research are pathogenetic mechanisms of socially significant psychoneurological diseases (epilepsy, drug addiction) that are topical for the Republic of Bashkortostan.