Department of Geophysics

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Headed by:

Doctor of Technology, Professor
Rim Valiullin
The Department of Geophysics was established in 1998 on the initiative of Doctor of Technology, Professor R.A. Valiullin, an authority in the area of geophysical control of field development. The Department branched off the Department of Applied Physics and Geophysics that had existed since 1973 (before renaming it had been called Department of Theoretical Mechanics and Hydromechanics, and further on Department of Physical Hydrodynamics. The origin of the Department of Geophysics may be traced back to 1964, when Candidate of Geology and Mineralogy, Associate Professor I.L. Dvorkin started working in BashSU and the Geophysics major was introduced at the Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics. In the late 60s a new major interdisciplinary area – Monte Carlo Methods in Physics and Geophysics – was developed within the Geophysics major. This area was supervised by the renowned geophysical theorist I.G. Dyadkin. Mathematical models of major nuclear geophysical methods were created and implemented at high-performance computer. At present the Department graduates specialists in the field of geophysics and seismic prospecting.
The major research areas are:
  • downhole thermometry;
  • geophysical control of field development;
  • hydrodynamic research of strata and holes;
  • depth environmental monitoring;
  • geophysical research of active flat hole;
  • automation of GIS data processing and interpretation.
Students receive fundamental training in physical, mathematical, data-processing and special disciplines. Special courses are designed to provide deeper knowledge of general theoretical and experimental physical and mathematical subjects, and to get students acquainted with the basics of borehole geophysics and modern methods and means of geophysical information processing.
Special disciplines: Formation and Early Evolution of Earth and Planets. Astrophysics; Mechanics of Geophysical Media; Geophysics; Physics of Earth. Physics of Solid Earth; Methods of Modern Geophysical Experiment; Special Practical Training Session; Petrophysics. GIS Apparatus and Equipment; General and Oil-Field Geology; Numerical Methods of Solving Direct and Inverse Problems; Automation of GIS Data Processing; Applied Borehole Geophysics; Radiometry; Thermohydrodynamic Stratum Research; Solving Applied Problems; Integrated Processing of Open Holes; Physical Field Sensors; Geophysical Methods of Field Development Control; Automated Processing Packages; Integrated Interpretation of Geophysical Borehole Research; Introduction to Blasting. Springing and Shooting Operations. Industrial Security; Borehole Research for General Overhaul; Radio Physics and Electronics; Numerical Methods and Mathematical Simulation; Fundamental Interaction Physics; Special Diploma Projects Seminar; Vertical Seismic Profiling; Physical Foundations of Oil Field Development; Modern Physical Problems in Geophysics and Ecology.