Department of Business Law

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Headed by:
Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor
Natalya Modzhina
The Department was established in 2006. The need in such a department was predetermined by the fact that legal disciplines were taught to students of six majors at the Faculty.
Within the framework of federal and regional components the teachers of the Department read lecture courses in the following disciplines: Russian Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Civil Law, Financial Law, Bank Law, Business Law, Civil Procedure, International Private Law, Legal Record Keeping, Labour Law, Arbitration Proceeding, Administrative Law.
Major research area – “Influence of Russian legal system on state risk management in economy”.
The teachers of the Department carry out research in the following areas:
  • legal regulation in the sphere of municipal orders at the modern stage;
  • influence of judicial opinion and doctrine on the development of financial law;
  • realisation of state economic function in the New Deal period under F.D. Roosevelt;
  • axiological role of law and sense of justice in shaping personality;
  • legal risks.