Department of Botany

Faculty of Biology, 32 Zaki Validi Street, Ufa 450074
Tel. (347) 273-66-34
Headed by Ishbirdin Airat Rimovich, Doctor of Biology, Professor
Botany started being taught within the cycle of natural sciences on the opening day of the teacher training institute in 1909. In 1920 a botany room of the Institute of Public Education was opened on the basis of a biology room with a small herbarium in the Institute of Public Education. In 1938 the botany room was transformed into the Department of Botany of Bashkir Pedagogical Institute.
In 1938 the Department was headed by Sergei Alekseyevich Baranov. After the Great Patriotic War the Department was headed by the Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor G.G. Ashkrumov until 1956. From 1956 to 1957 the Department was headed by the Candidate of Biology Ye.A. Kobozeva. After transforming the pedagogical institute into Bashkir State University the Doctor of Agriculture, Professor Sergei Semyonovich Ilyin was offered the post of the Head of the Department. The sphere of his scientific interests was agricultural chemistry. He studied root remnants in arable soil. From 1963 to 1966 the Department was headed by the Associate Professor R.G. Minibayev. From 1966 to 1970 the Department was headed by the Doctor of Biology, Professor Yury Zakharovich Kulagin. The sphere of his scientific interests was industrial dendroecology. In 1971 the Department was once again headed by R.G. Minibayev who had become a Doctor of Sciences and Professor. The Department employed the Doctor of Biology, Professor B.M. Mirkin, the Candidates of Biology, Associate Professors U.Sh. Satyyev, Z.M. Nazirova, the Candidates of Biology G.G. Kuzyakhmetov, N.G. Nugumanova, V.S. Mukhametshina, Assistant Lecturers A.I. Neifeld, Z.N. Saifullina.
3 laboratories were organized under the Department: a geobotanical laboratory (headed by B.. Mirkin), an algological laboratory (headed by the Associate Professor G.G. Kuzyakhmetov) and a soil-science laboratory (headed by the Associate Professor U.Sh. Satyyev). In 2006 the Doctor of Biology, Professor A.R. Ishbirdin was elected Head of the Department.
Main areas of research:
At different times the Department was engaged in developing the following areas of research: agricultural chemistry, industrial dendroecology, grassland science, silvics, bryology, agrophytocenology and agroecology, botanical resources science, hydrobiology, algology.
Currently the Department carries out research in soil and water algology, phytocenology, population plant biology, palynology.
Main areas of educational work:
The Departmental teachers are responsible for the following general disciplines: Botany, Biosphere Studies, Nature of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Landscape Science, Ethnoecology, History of Biology, Drug Plants.
Departmental students major in Botany and, since 2008, in Phytodesign. Botany students are taught the special courses of Vegetation Science, Algology, Dendrology, Introduction to Landscape Design, Comparative Plant Anatomy and Morphology, Plant Ontogenesis, Botanical Resources Science, etc.
In 2008 the Department opened Master’s courses in Botany. Undergraduates are taught the special courses of Plant Ontogenesis, Methods of Plant Population Research, Biodiversity Protection, South Ural Vegetation, Methods of Processing and Presenting Research Results, Developmental Plant Morphology, Hydrobiology.
Departmental students and undergraduates receive industrial, pre-diploma and scientific training on the basis of nature reserves and academic scientific establishments of the Republic.