Department of Applied and Specialised Sociology

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Headed by:
Doctor of Sociology, Professor
Flyura Bulatovna Burkhanova
The history of the establishment of the Department of Applied and Specialised Sociology is traced back to the Department of Sociology that was established in the University in 1990. Originally it provided for teaching General Sociology to students of all University faculties. In 1991 the first students of the Sociology major were admitted, and the department started teaching special professional disciplines. Before creating the Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology in 2000 the Department used to be a structural unit of the Faculty of Economics.
The founder of the Sociology major in BashSU, the creator of the Department of Sociology, its first head as well as head of the Department of Applied and Specialised Sociology (until 2006) is Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Dzh.M. Gilyazitdinov. It has been his immediate involvement that has exercised major influence on the establishment of the major and the formation of a team of scholarly and teaching sociologist staff who are currently working at the sociological departments of the University, at the Faculty, as well as in other universities and organizations of the Republic. His idea of opening this major received active support from the University administration – Chancellor R.N. Gimayev and Vice-Chancellor B.S. Galimov who contributed greatly to the establishment and development of the major and to opening councils for defence of candidate and doctoral dissertations in sociological disciplines.
The staff of the Department has been formed with sociological laboratory staff possessing research experience. In the period of the establishment of the major the Department employed almost every leading Republican teacher and scholar from other universities who specialised in sociological research. Among them are representatives of the first generation of Soviet sociologists, late Professors Yu.V. Akatyev, R.A. Zlotnikov, R.B. Kamayev et al. The Department has also cooperated with professors who are actively working at the time: F.S. Faizullin, Yu.N. Dorozhkin, V.D. Golikov et al. Chairmen of State Graduation Examining Board for the major have been Professors A.A. Baimbetov, F.G. Khairullin, S.V. Yegoryshev, Ye.V. Bindichenko.
Since the establishment of the Department the staff have been actively engaged in contractual research. On orders of state authorities and organizations the public opinion of the Republican population, electoral interests and preferences, ethnocultural needs have been studied, youth problems have been monitored. The Department has been one of the first in the Republic to carry out polls representative of all population of Bashkortostan and to cooperate with centres for sociological and marketing research well-known across Russia – the All-Russian Centre for Studying Public Opinion (ACSPO), the Institute of Comparative Social Research (CESSI), the Institute of Social and Political Research of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPR RAS), Russian Public Opinion and Market Research (RPOMR) and some others. In 1994-1995 on the basis of the Department a Russian Federation State Duma project called “Revival and Development of Russian Turkic Peoples in 1996-2005” (headed by Dzh.M. Gilyazitdinov) was developed. Students and postgraduates have taken active part in all research.
In 2000 the Department was divided into the Department of Applied Sociology and the Department of Theory and History of Sociology, which had been predetermined by successful development of the Sociology major and the need for further specialization of students and teaching staff. The Department of Theory and History of Sociology (headed by Doctor of Sociology, Professor R.I. Irnazarov until 2006) started training students in the major of Economic Sociology, and the Department of Applied and Specialised Sociology took responsibility for training students in General Sociology and Sociology of Management.
The Departments run doctoral and postgraduate courses in the following majors: 22.00.01 – Theory, Methods and History of Sociology, 22.00.03 – Economic Sociology and Demography, 22.00.04 – Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes, 22.00.08 – Sociology of Management.