Degree-seeking students

 Writing candidate and doctoral dissertations by degree-seeking students

The institution of degree-seeking, which means working on the Candidate’s degree outside postgraduate and doctoral courses, plays an important role in training higher qualification staff. Degree-seeking students are registered at corresponding departments with a view to receiving advice on the topics of their candidate and doctoral dissertations. In order to enhance work efficiency the period of degree-seeking is split into years, in the end of each year the degree-seeking student must report to the department, in case of failing to implement their individual plan the degree-seeking student is expelled.
 Degree-seeking students are registered without taking entrance examinations on the basis of the following set of documents:
in order to apply for the Candidate’s degree
  • an application addressed to the chancellor bearing a signature of the prospective academic adviser;
  • a personnel record card with a photograph;
  • a copy of the diploma of higher education (notarized);
  • an extract from the resolution of the corresponding department;
  • a document certifying payment (for contract-based training);
  • a certificate from the Bashkir State University Personnel Department (for budgetary training).
in order to apply for the Doctor’s degree
all of the above documents as well as:
  • a list of academic works (certified by the principal employer);
  • a copy of the Candidate’s degree diploma (notarized);
  • a signed review of the doctoral dissertation material by the academic adviser.
  • Degree-seeking students are trained in the same special subjects as postgraduate students and doctoral candidates.
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