# Chair of High-Molecular Compounds and Chemical Engineering

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Headed by:
Doctor of Chemistry, Professor
Yu. A. Prochuhan
The Department of High-Molecular Compounds and Chemical Engineering was opened on June 20, 1968 with the view to training highly qualified professionals in the Republic and developing scientific research in the sphere of polymer chemistry. On recommendation of the Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences V.A. Kargin the Head of Chemical Polymer Research Institute (current Academician V.A. Kargin Polymer Research Institute) Laboratory, Doctor of Chemistry K.S. Minsker was invited from Dzerzhinsk in the Gorky Region to the post of the head of the Department.
The Department was headed: in 1968-1999 by Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Professor K.S. Minsker; in 1999-2005 by Professor Yu. A. Prochukhan. Cureently the Department of High-Molecular Compounds and General Chemical Engineering is headed by Professor S.V. Kolesov.
The High-Molecular Compounds major is a scientific centre of research in the sphere of polymer destruction and stabilization processes, physiologically active polymers and medical polymers, as well as in the area of chemistry and technology of rapid polymerization processes, and enjoys high international authority in these areas. The Department staff have published 19 books and more than 1.000 articles in domestic and foreign scientific journals, they have received more than 350 USSR authorship certificates and Russian Federation patents, 27 foreign patents (USA, England, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Iran, etc.), a third of which has found application in industry and education process.
Within the major of Chemical Engineering work is done related to development of polymer waste utilization methods, improvement of zeolitic catalyst technologies , development of new benzine pyrolysis catalysts. 4 monographs, more than 400 articles in domestic scientific journals, 23 patents and invention authorship certificates have been published within this area.
The main areas of research at the Department are:
  1. Research of polymer destruction, stabilization and modification processes.
  2. Research of rapid chemical and mass exchange processes in turbulent flows in tubular jet apparatus.
  3. Increasing activity and facilitating improvement of physical and mechanical properties.
  4. Destructive catalytic processing of hydrocarbon raw materials, oil processing and petrochemical waste disposal technologies.
The Department is responsible for the following general disciplines:
  • High-Molecular Compounds
  • Colloid Chemistry
  • Chemical Engineering
  • History and Methodology of Chemistry
  • Philosophical Problems of Natural Science
  • Physical and Colloid Chemistry
  • Practical chemical and technological training
The following specialised lecture courses are administered to students and undergraduates:
  • Modern Methods of Polymer Research
  • Kinetics of Polymerisation Processes
  • Reactivity Problems and Polymer Modification
  • Polymer Destruction and Stabilization
  • Macrokinetics of Polymerization Processes
  • Structure and Dynamics of Macromolecules
  • Polymers in Medicine
  • Theory of Catalysis
  • Polymer Production Technology
  • Monomer Production Technology
  • Surface Chemistry, Adsorption
  • Methods of Catalyst and Adsorbent Research
  • Industrial Catalysis: Industrial Processes and Catalytic Reactors
  • New Mechanisms of Polymerization and Polycondensation Reactions
  • Thermostable Polymers
  • Structural Polymer Hierarchy
  • Modern Polymer Chemistry
The High-Molecular Compounds major is a graduating one and it trains professionals in high-molecular compound chemistry. There is a student scientific group under the Department. Within the framework of long-term Integration agreement students majoring at the Department have an opportunity to carry out their research in the laboratories of the Polymer Department of Institute of Organic Chemistry of Ufa Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences. The Department runs MA courses in the High-Molecular Compound Chemistry.
The Chemical Engineering major is a graduating one and it trains professionals in the sphere of theory of chemical engineering, heterogeneous catalysis and polymer waste disposal. Most of the yearly and diploma applied projects have been carried out on the basis of OAO Steklonit, GUP Opytny Zavod AN RB, in the laboratories of Institute of Oil Processing Problems of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Bashkortostan. On the basis of the Collaboration Agreement part of the students carry out their research in the catalyst preparation laboratory of Institute of Petrochemistry and Catalysis of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Bashkortostan and Ufa Scientific Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences.