Chair of Analytical Chemistry


Headed by:
Doctor of Chemistry, Professor
F.Kh. Kudasheva
The Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry was organised at the Faculty of Chemistry in 1960 (headed by B.V. Aivazov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Chemistry; S.M. Petrov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Chemistry), in 1979 the Department was reorganized into the Department of General Chemical Engineering and Analytical Chemistry (headed by S.A. Akhmetov, Professor, Doctor of Technology; N.D. Voloshin, Ptrofessor, Doctor of Technology; R.N. Gimayev, Professor, Doctor of Technology; F.Kh. Kudasheva, Professor, Doctor of Chemistry); in 2003 the Department was reorganized into the Department of Analytical Chemistry (headed by F.Kh. Kudasheva, Professor, Doctor of Chemistry).
Currently the Department employs 14 teachers, including 2 professors, Doctors of Chemistry and 8 associate professors, Candidates of Chemistry and Technology.
The scientific interests of the Department are related to theoretical research of properties of organic reagents and complex compounds as well as to developing methods of analysis of compounds, alloys, biological objects, food products and environmental pollutants.
Main areas of research
  • Research related to developing and modifying electrodes for voltammetrical identification of organic toxicants and supertoxicants in different environmental objects and to developing voltammetrical multisensory systems of the “electronic language” type
  • Purifying and utilization of terephthalic acid solid waste on the basis of OAO Polief
  • Developing methods and technologies for purifying sewage from heavy metals contained in petrochemical and chemical complexes
  • Improving the lignosulfonate-based technology of producing drilling reagent
  • Studying rheological properties of extra heavy oils at various oilfields
  • Developing prospective molecular sieves on the basis of supramolecular uracil nets
  • Research of new porous polymer and carbon sorbates by method of inverse gas chromatography at finite dilution (IGC-FD)
  • Analysis of superecotoxicants in environmental objects: heavy metals and polyaromatic compounds
The Department of Analytical Chemistry is responsible for teaching of the following general disciplines
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Physical and Chemical Methods of Analysis
  • Physical Methods of Analysis
  • Chromatography
Disciplines of the Analytical Chemistry major
  • Electrochemical Methods of Analysis
  • Sampling and Sample Preparation
  • Separation and Concentration Methods in Analytical Chemistry
  • Complex Compound Research
  • Chromatomass-spectrometry
  • Surface Chemistry and Adsorption
  • Optical Methods of Analysis
  • Mathematical Processing of Results in Analytical Chemistry and Chemometrics