Centre for Chemical Technologies and New Materials

 Centre for Chemical Technologies and New Materials
Research supervisor – Doctor of Technology, Prof. R.N. Gimayev
Headed by Doctor of Chemistry, Associate Professor R.I. Ableyev
- development and commissioning of new polymer materials for cable and other industries;
- information and consulting services on polymer materials research; conducting performance tests of polymer materials on the basis of a certified test laboratory, including production of standard samples for rolling, pressing or diecasting tests, and defining the following physical, mechanical and dielectric parameters:
- Shore hardness (scales A and D) (State Standard 263);
- density (partial weight) (State Standard 15139);
- melt fluidity index (State Standard 11645);
- melt fluidity index variation (State Standard 26996);
- number of inclusions (State Standard 27748);
- cracking resistance (State Standard 13518);
- fluidity limit under tension, rupture density and relative extension under fluidity limit and rupture (ASTM D638 or State Standard 11262);
- thermo-oxidative ageing resistance on maintaining physical and mechanical parameters after exposure to temperatures of 100 ÷ 200 С0 during 24÷1000 hours (State Standard 25018);
- brittle temperature (frost resistance) (State Standard 16783);
- combustibility (State Standard 28157);
- Izod impact strength under +23, 0 and -20, - 40 С0 (State Standard 19109);
- permittivity and dielectric loss tangent (State Standard 22372);
- electric strength and specific bulk electric resistance (State Standard 6433.3 and 6433.2);
- oil products resistance (oil-field fluid, various oils and fuels) in terms of swelling value and physical and mechanical parameters maintenance (ASTM D 471).