Capital Construction and Overhaul Department

Headed by Rif Gallyamovich Altynbayev
Basement Floor, Faculty of Biology Academic Building, 32 Zaki Validi Street, Ufa 450074, Republic of Bashkortostan.
The Capital Construction Department (CCD) was established in 2003.
The main aims and tasks of CCD are:
  • organizing construction, reconstruction and general overhaul of real estate;
  • providing timely commissioning of objects of new construction, reconstruction and general overhaul;
  • saving university funds through effective use of capital investment and reducing volumes of construction in progress.
CCD is engaged in performing BashSU duties as a single customer according to the established procedure when carrying out general and specialized construction work at BashSU objects:
  • it develops of middle-term and yearly draft plans for capital construction, compiles itemized lists for construction sites and applications for construction materials and equipment;
  • it provides for receiving initial permit documents for planning and construction from executive bodies, takes part in choosing and official registration of construction sites;
  • it prepares draft agreements on carrying out design and survey work by design organizations, supplies initial data for drafting construction documents;
  • it supervises fulfillment of contact obligations by design organizations, provides for carrying out field supervision by design organizations, keeps record of and stores signed agreements and contracts until the contract obligations have been completely fulfilled;
  • it provides for departmental and state examination of construction designs and their approval;
  • it takes part in conducting contests and auctions for signing contracts on construction, design and survey work, materials and equipment supply to construction and reconstruction projects;
  • it organizes timely issuing of construction and technical documents for carrying out construction;
  • it prepares contractor’s agreements on capital construction within a specified time frame, obtains permission to carry out construction and assembly work;
  • it carries out technical supervision over the time frames and quality of work, its compliance with the approved construction documents, working plans, construction standards and regulations, safety and industrial sanitation standards;
  • it provides for targeted and rational use of capital investment, supervises spending of funds for purchasing equipment in compliance with the approved plans;
  • it supervises timely commissioning of construction projects, takes part in the work of committees for formal acceptance of completed construction projects;
  • it keeps record of capital construction accounts, is engaged in improving construction quality, reducing construction time frames, improving and reducing the cost of design and survey work;
  • it carries out organizational and methodological management in the sphere oof its activities.

CCD works in close cooperation with other BashSU departments and structural units.

CCD has completed the following work:

  • reconstruction of the Humanist Faculties building at 3/4 Karl Marx Street, Ufa;
  • construction of academic and laboratory building “B” in Sibai;
  • reconstruction of the academic building of the Institute of Law at 131 Dostoevsky Street, Ufa (first stage);
  • general premises overhaul in all BashSU buildings and halls of residence.
  • designing and construction of a hall of residence accommodating 348 people in Ufa;
  • designing and construction of a library building in Ufa;
  • reconstruction of the academic building of the Institute of Law at 131 Dostoevsky Street, Ufa (second stage);
  • reconstruction of academic buiding “I” (second stage) at 3/4 Karl Marx Street;
  • completion of the stele at the Faculties of Physics and Mathematics building of BashSU in Ufa;
  • continuation of general premises overhaul in all BashSU buildings and halls of residence.