The BashSU History Museum

 Address: Main Building, 32 Z. Validi Street, Ufa 450074, Republic of Bashkortostan

Creation of a museum, which has been started in accordance with the plan of events related to celebrating Bashkir State University’s 100th anniversary, cannot be accomplished quickly within a short time period. A lot of efforts must be made in order for it to become an independent structural unit and an integral part of the University’s history, a place where the past meets the present and even the future. In course of time such a museum must become a research, learning and cultural enlightenment centre for studying our University’s history. The main task of the museum is to store, find, collect, study and publish museum materials reflecting rich scientific, academic and cultural traditions of the oldest educational establishment in the Republic of Bashkortostan. This work will facilitate training highly qualified and cultured professionals on university level, improving forms and methods of academic and scientific enlightenment work, forming corporate and patriotic values in the university alumna.
In the first exposition “Higher Education Development in Bashkortostan” copies of 4 fundamental documents are displayed, on the basis of which separate stages of Bashkir State University creation prehistory can be traced. It is a successor to Ufa Teacher Training Institute that started functioning in the middle of 1909 and was then transformed into Ufa Institute of Public Education (1919), and later into Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute (1929), on the basis of which Bashkir State University was opened in 1957.
The second exposition “Ufa Teacher Training Institute (1909-1919)” contains copies of documents testifying to numerous attempts of opening “an educational establishment of the higher type which could train teachers for secondary educational establishments and be equal to a university” in Ufa starting with 1906. However, the actual state of affairs at that time allowed to open only a Teacher Training Institute in Ufa on July 1, 1909, the first director of which was the state councilor A.N. Lisovsky. During 10 years of its functioning Ufa Teacher Training Institute graduated around 160 people, including only 8 “persons of Mahometan creed”.
The third exposition “Ufa Institute of Public Education 1919-1929” gets museum visitors acquainted with copies of unique documents, which are evidence to how they managed to establish Institute of Public Education on the basis of what was left from Teacher Training Institute after the ultimate flight of Whites from Ufa under complex conditions of dislocation and famine. The first Chairman of the Board Council of the Institute of Public Education was V.P. Krasnov. The names of his successors (F.I. Tretyakov, 1923; Z.N. Nigmatullin, 1926; Sh.Kh. Syunchelei, 1927) are associated with dramatic attempts to preserve the only own teacher training educational establishment in the Bashkir Republic and transorm it into a real pedagogical university by the 10th anniversary of Soviet Bashkiria (1929).
The fourth and the biggest of existing expositions is called “Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute (1929-1957)”. Embracing almost 30 years of our university’s history it is represented by 9 stands:
“BSPI Establishment”,
“BSPI Development”;
“BSPI in Pre-War Period”,
“BSPI during Great Patriotic War”,
“BSPI Alumni – Heroes of Soviet Union”,
“BSPI in First Post-War Years”,
“BSPI Alumni – Heroes of Socialist Labor”,
“Opening of Bashkir State University”.
Apart from two-dimensional (in the form of stands) materials the BashSU History Museum gradually starts exhibiting three-dimensional materials. In specifically designed glass showcases rare books, photographs and documents, cups and other exhibits are already displayed. A grandson of the first BashSU Chancellor Sh.Kh. Chanbarisov has presented the museum with his home writing table, desk sets, table lamp and leather briefcase.
Two showcases hold documents presented to the museum by the Hero of Socialist Labor L.Sh. Kamalova, BashSU 1969 alumna. The 6th exposition “Bashkir State University, Its Establishment, Development and Present” is under way, which will, seemingly, consist of 3 parts corresponding to time periods when the University was headed by Chancellors Sh.Kh. Chanbarisov (1957-1981), R.N. Gimayev (1981-1999), M.Kh. Kharrasov (1999-present).
When holding events related to celebrating the 100th anniversary of Bashkir State University the work on creation of the History Museum got considerable coverage in mass media including Bashkir Television. This has yielded its results, and some new valuable exhibits have been added to the museum collection.
We will make a brief mention of three of such exhibits having been added to the collection in January 2010.
M.A. Gafurov, a famous Bashkir writer and translator, Honoured Culture Worker of the RSFSR (1982) and the Bashkir Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1976), who worked in the newspapers “Leninist” (as an editor since 1967) and “Soviet Bashkiria” (deputy editor in 1972-1983) for a long time, presented the museum with a photograph taken in the distant spring of 1954 near the entrance to the BSPI building at 19 Stalin Street (now Kommunisticheskaya Street). At that time the writer Konstantin Simonov, who was running for the post of USSR Supreme Council Deputy from our Republic, met with members of the literary group under BSPI.
In the photo near M. Gafurov, at that time a final-year student of the Faculty of Language and Literature, you can see his fellow student A.P. Filippov who is a People’s Poet of Bashkortostan now. Both of these BSPI alumni (1955) have presented our museum with their books and cards issued by the Writers’ Union of the Republic of Bashkortostan to celebrate their anniversaries.
Another member of the Writers’ Union S.N. Sharipov, an alumnus of our University (1974), who used to be Head of Editorial Office for Fiction and Children Literature of the Kitap Bashkir Publishing House for a long time, and is the current Editor of Prose Department of the literary fiction and sociopolitical journal “Agidel”, has presented the museum with copies of photographic documents about Zubai Utyagulov, an alumnus of the Bashkir Department of the BSPI Faculty of Language and Literature, who died during the Great Patriotic War and was posthumously awarded the high title of a Hero of the Soviet Union (1943).
Copies of commendation lists of the BSPI alumni Z.T. Utyagulov, five other Heroes of the Soviet Union (M.N. Abdullin, Zh.G. Sinagatullin, S.A. Mikhlyayev, G.B. Gilyazetdinov, D.S. Sergeyev) and Kh.Kh. Abdrakhmanov, Holder of three classes of the Order of Glory, brought from the Russian Federation Defense Ministry Archive (Podolsk, Moscow Region), have taken their deserved place among the exhibits of our museum.
The pensioner A.Ye. Vasilyeva has presented the museum with documents of her relative N.P. Kerentsev, an alumnus of Ufa Teacher Training Institute (1914). These documents include his service record, secondary school teacher certificate issued to N.P. Kerentsev by the RSFSR People’s Commissariat for Enlightenment in accordance with the resolution by the USSR Central Executive Committee about introducing personal ranks for teachers from April 10th, 1936, and six photographs (original!) taken in 1913-1919. In two of them you can see the first Ufa Teacher Training Institute director, actual state councilor A.N. Lisovsky: so far only two of his lifetime photographs have been known which were discovered only two days ago and are displayed in our museum at exposition 2. The value of the photographs presented to the museum by A.Ye. Vasilyeva becomes even greater if one takes into account that they seemed to help identify the personalities of those Ufa Teacher Training Institute teachers who have so far been present nameless in other photos at the designated exposition.