About International Centre

UNESCO Chairs is the main part of the “World Plan of Interuniversity Cooperation and Academic Mobility”, adopted at the 26th session of the UNESCO General Conference in 1991. Today the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Program has about 800 UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks in 166 countries. The UNITWIN Network is one of the most important types of cross-sectoral activities in the field of education that involves training specialists, carrying out scientific research and international teacher exchange and provides a basis for information exchange in the field of science, education and culture.
The International UNESCO Centre (Chair) of Bashkir State University has been established on the basis of Faculties of Philosophy and Sociology, History, Philology and Journalism and the Institute of Law, within the framework of Agreement signed on April 11, 2003 by UNESCO Director General K. Matsuura and Bashkir State University Chancellor M.Kh. Kharrasov. Today the Centre is headed by Bashkir State University Chancellor Akhat Mustafin, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor, and the executive director of the Centre is Leisyan Itkulova, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Ethics, Aesthetics and Culturology. The Chair functions as academic, educational and consulting centre for promoting the ideas of peace, non-violence, cultural and religious tolerance.
The purpose of the Chair is to facilitate creation of integrated research system in the field of philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, culturology, history, pedagogy, political science and conflictology. The project that the Centre works on is called “Education in multiethnical and multiconfessional society”.
The Department takes active part in the social life of the Republic, in events organized by the Committee for UNESCO of the Republic of Bashkortostan including those dedicated to cultural dialogue, preserving cultural and natural heritage, rich linguistic variety of the Republic, in preparation and holding of international, all-Russian and Republican scientific conferences, in organizing conferences of international youth leaders of the UNESCO associated schools of the Republic. The Chair closely cooperates with the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO and the Coordinating Committee of UNESCO Chairs in the Russian Federation.
There are a number of UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs development objectives in Bashkir State University:
  • increase access to UNESCO communication and information;
  • provide for carrying out research, analysis, and monitoring of educational needs arising in multiethnic and multiconfessional society;
  • develop innovation projects for attracting BashSU professional and teaching staff, doctoral students, postgraduates, undergraduates and students to implementation of scientific and interdisciplinary programs on the basis of the scientific knowledge synthesis principle (opening a UNESCO student club);
  • develop cross-sectoral cooperation of UNESCO chairs on the basis of key global problems and UNESCO ideas – development of innovation educational and research programmes; organization of conferences, meetings, seminars, tutorials;
  • develop BashSU education strategy within the context of UN Programme for Sustainable Development;
  • create research networks on the basis of information technologies for carrying out UNESCO strategic programme objectives.